St. Catherine of Siena School

Faculty & Staff


Grade/Subject Name Contact
Parochial Administrator Father Resti Galang
Principal Christine Walsh
Vice-Principal Clarice Chavez-Salais (Salais, Clarice)
Administrative Secretary/Office Manager Ferminia Docena
Administrative Secretary/Finance Rosie Antes
School Liturgy and Religious Education Janet Brandon


Grade/Subject Name Contact
Kindergarten Janice Tunney (Tunney, Jan)
Grade 1 Sheri Dy Smith
Grade 2 Clarice Chavez-Salais
Grade 3 Jaymi Pare
Grade 4 Mary Beth Thompson
Grade 5 Anne Healy
Grade 6 Homeroom, 6-8 Social Studies & Art Nancy Federle
Grade 7 Homeroom, 6-8 Math Zane Miller
Science 6-8 Hydie Hess
Grade 8 Homeroom, 6-8 Literature & English Steven Federle
Religion 6-8 Fe Pahamtang
Music Nancy Zakar
Computers 2, 4 Art 1-4 Jennifer Perez
Technology 6-8 Art 5-8 Nancy Federle
Technology 6-8 Steven Federle
Physical Education K-8, computers K, 1, 3, 5 Lyndon Horder
Spanish K-5 Karen Castro
Spanish 6-8 Sarah McCaslin
Resource Teacher Laurel Thurgood
Athletic Director Anthony Horder

Classroom Assistants

Grade/Subject Name Contact
Kindergarten Annie Keener
Grade 1 Nuria Stonebarger
Grade 2 Jan Miller
Grade 3 Jacqui Manalansan
Grade 4 Jennifer Perez
Grade 5 Bel Corpuz
Grade 6-8 Fe Pahamtang
Grade 6-8 Marie Henley

Additional Personnel

Grade/Subject Name Contact
Maintenance Hector Hernandez
Extended Care Director Lyndon Horder
Extended Care Assistant Bel Paguirigan
Morning Extended Caregiver Bel Paguirigan
Preschool Director Dana Young